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job responsibilities

Landtech standards



  • Show up to the yard 10min before your scheduled shift

  • Arrive to the shop in uniform, awake, healthy, and ready to work

  • Punch in on time (at start of scheduled shift)

    • Make sure face is visible in picture

  • Check email/calendar for special instructions for the day

  • Check with supervisor for any special instructions for the day

  • Verify what tools and safety equipment your crew will need for the day

  • Verify your crew is all present

    • Notify supervisor of any absent crew members

  • Verify crew members are in uniform following the LandTech Uniform Policy

  • Help your crew load tools and equipment you will need for the day

    • Including power equipment, hand tools, safety equipment, chains, oil, etc.

  • Go to QT on country club to fill up truck

  • Drive to property, wearing seatbelt

    - - - - - - - -    - - - - - - - -    - - - - - - - -    - - - - - - - -    - - - - - - - -

  • Return to yard 

  • Unload tools and equipment and return them to their designated location

  • Create work orders for any equipment issues or needs outside of regular service​

  • Leave equipment with shop manager for servicing based on company calendar and wash schedules

    • Check email/calendar and with supervisor for special instructions for equipment

    • Check email/calendar and with supervisor for special instructions for the next day

  • Park truck and trailer following shop parking procedures

  • Punch out as soon as equipment, trucks, and trailers are put away properly

    • Make sure face is visible in pictures​


  • Go to area you are working in

    • As a whole crew, walk the area you’re servicing

    • Assign tasks/tools to specific people 

    • Have the crew begin working

      • Perform all tasks as trained to the LandTech Standard of that task

  • ​Perform property checklist 

    • While crew is beginning work, Foreman+ FIT perform property inspection and detail services

      • Make note of issues the crew will need to take care of while on site today

      • Submit any work orders needed at the property for other crews to complete

    • Detail high profile areas (entrances, monuments, parks, amenities)

      • Trash pick up, raking, blowing, weeds, dead plants

  • Go back and continue working with crew throughout sections 

  • When the crew is done at the property, drive the entire property together

  • Submit service report before continuing to next property


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