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Being an irrigation tech at LandTech is an extremely important position. Water is the most important factor in managing landscaping in Arizona. 

Our irrigation techs:

  • Understand proper watering techniques

  • Understand irrigation components

  • Diagnose problems

  • Think creatively

  • Pay attention to detail

  • Have integrity

  • Are self-motivated

  • Have a great attitude


  • Manage multi-property portfolio

    • Property location (cross streets, building numbers, unit numbers, property lines/areas of responsibility)

    • Irrigation mapping and location of components (clocks​, valves, backflows, emergency shut off, etc.) on each property

    • Maintenance foremen, mow, and service schedules


Understand the purpose/goal of each type of inspection

  • Routine Inspection

    1. Pick a controller to inspect

      • Controller Check List:​

        1. Property irrigation controller map​

          • Area of coverage is designated​

          • Controller is named

          • Make/Model

          • Size/# of stations

          • Access combo if applicable

        2. Controller door is secure, accessible, and key​ works properly

        3. Display and operation

          • Power is on​

          • Date and time is correct

          • Operating without any glitches or broken components (dials, buttons, screen, door, etc)

        4. Irrigation programming chart is current

        5. Make any notes/photos of repairs needed.​​

    2. Start station 1, locate valve.

      • Valve Check List:

        • Check to see that valve is working

        • Box is clean

        • Wire connections are good

        • Leaks in the valve box.

        • Make any notes/photos of repairs needed

    3. While the water is running, walk and visually inspect every emitter or sprinkler.

      • Sprinkler Check list:

        • Ensure proper coverage and match precipitation rates

        • Clogged or broken nozzles or sprinklers

        • Check for rotation

        • Sprinkler height

        • Nozzle size

        • Make any notes/photos of repairs needed.

      • Drip Check List:​

        • Ensure all emitters to plants and trees are in the proper location and functioning properly.

        • Identify signs of any lateral leaks

        • Make any notes/photos of repairs needed.

    4. Utilize flags, notepad, and camera to mark repairs and parts needed. 

    5. Repeat steps for all stations on controller 

    6. Compile all repairs needed for controller and estimate hours needed to complete repairs.

      • If estimated hours exceed 8hrs, start repair process.

      • If estimated hours do not exceeed 8hrs, repeat inspection process on the next controller until estimated hours exceed 8hrs.


  1. Text 480-695-0907  for PO# to buy parts needed.

    • Be sure to include the property name and type of repairs/parts needed.

  2. Once you have a PO, pick up parts at nearest Horizon  and reference PO number when making purchase at the counter.

  3. Make all repairs for this controller

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