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what is lion-tailing

Unfortunately, Lion tailing is a common, but improper method of trimming trees. The term lion tail comes from trimming a tree (or individual branches) of a tree to look like a lion's tail, pruning off all branches and leaves until only a puff of foliage remains at the tip. We never recommend lion-tailing any type of tree for multiple reasons:

  • Weight is concentrated at the tips making  the branches or even the tree likely to break or fall over in high winds, like Monsoon

  • Interior of tree is now at risk for sun burn 

  • Tree can develop splits, cracks, and wounds

  • Much less leaves to photosynthesize (feed) the tree can lead to stress and death

  • Tree sends out more leaves to repair, photosynthesize and counter balance disproportionate weight


what to do if your trees have been lion-tailed​​

  • Allow several years for the tree to grow and fill in the stripped branches. Selectively trim or remove some sprouts, leaving others to develop into new branches.

  • Remove the tree

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