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“Landscaping and technology are always evolving. If we don’t ride that wave, we’ll be wiped out!” 

-Glen Winter, Owner

As a company, it’s in our blood to question the typical way of doing things. Nothing is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. With our decades of experience maintaining landscapes, we’ve built our own unique systems to do just that. One of the main differences is that our logistics and business operations are governed by the natural needs of the landscape, instead of being restricted by labor budgets. This approach has resulted in better, consistent-looking landscapes, more knowledgeable employees, and happier customers.

We see landscape management as resource management.
These are resources that our customers pay for and trust us to utilize responsibly.

Your landscape consists of living things that go through natural cycles throughout the year, and every unique cycle requires different levels of attention at different times. However, the landscape industry as a whole builds their service schedules around a set monthly labor budget. Then they divide the monthly labor budget into rigid weekly time slots. This forces them to service their properties in sections (4-6 week cycle).

Applying equal amounts of effort every week,

all year long, to care for dynamic living things just doesn’t make sense.

Breaking your property into weekly sections creates visual differences due to the time between the first and last sections serviced. Blowing and debris cleanup is inconsistent and plants are different sizes, going through different growth stages. The “next section” always looks different than the last and seems to be the section with the most complaints. Residents see an area that was just serviced looking great and wonder why the whole property doesn’t look cared for. This is especially evident if a property’s plant or tree pallet is full of a species that requires a huge amount of effort, at a specific time of year, with a short window to complete it! And on the flip side, the labor you’re paying for is wasted servicing scheduled sections that don’t even need the attention at that time.

“It's a huge, industry-wide problem!  I see it all the time driving around the city.
Wasted labor, servicing landscaping that doesn’t even need it."

-Glen Winter, Owner

LandTech is not restricted by weekly labor schedules and does not separate the property into service sections. Instead, we cater to the individual needs of each species by using knowledge of its natural cycles to our advantage. We then apply this knowledge to schedule and allocate the proper amount of resources and labor needed to complete every unique maintenance task to the entire property all at one time. Our process has proven that servicing the entire property as a whole, is more efficient, and results in beautifully-consistent landscapes.

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