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Some of the most common plants in our desert landscapes are due for their annual cutbacks in early spring. So what are cutbacks? Cutbacks are also know as renovation pruning or hard pruning. Specific plants at specific times are pruned down to 12”-18” in size. The seasonal cutback promotes rich, healthy new growth, and improve the long-term aesthetics of the landscape, with a more natural flowering cycle throughout the year. 

This type of pruning is usually performed in the winter and early spring to rejuvenate shrubs and ground covers, and to encourage growth after the dormant period. It can also help manage plants that have outgrown the space, are encroaching over sidewalks, or are obstructing lines of sight.

Beginning in December, you can expect to see seasonal cutback to varieties of Bougainvillea, Lantana, Yellow Bells, Oleander, Ruellia, and other common shrubs.

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  • Promotes healthy plants by eliminating frequent pruning schedules

  • Frequently pruned shrubs are in a continuous state of stress, requiring more water to recover

  • Light and air are unable to penetrate shear-pruned plants, making them woody in the center

  • Allows for natural seasonal flowering

  • Plants that are not shear-pruned resist stress better than plants routinely and excessively pruned

  • Increases aesthetic value of the landscape

  • Allows landscapers to concentrate on more pressing issues such as checking irrigation

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