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  • Employees work (4) 10-hour days per week.

  • If you are interested in working extra days or extra time, please request form your supervisor.

  • All employees must arrive 10min before punching in to help ensure all tools, vehicles and trailers are ready for the work day.

  • Winter Hours:

    • October 1st - May 1st

      • 6:00am-4:30pm, with a 30min lunch

  • Summer Hours:

    • May 1st - October 1st

      • 5:00am-3:30pm, with a 30min lunch



  • Punching in/out is the only way hours will be accepted/accounted for.

  • Supervisor may not add time or hours to an employee when there is a no punch day, unless it has been approved through HR. 

  • Supervisor will check and edit punches at the end of every shift. 

  • Overtime must be approved or it will not be paid

  • Supervisor will individually review all employees' times on Monday, with employees. 

  • Paychecks will be handed out at the end of shift on Thursday.

  • Checks and direct deposits are funded every Friday.

  • Available sick/vacation time is listed on paystubs weekly. 

  • Sick and vacation time is accrued hourly

    • 50 hours work = 1 hour vacation time (annual max 40 hours)

    • 33 hours work = 1 hour sick time (annual max 24 hours)


  • If scheduled work days are cancelled due to weather or conditions out of their control, employees will still be compensated for that day.

    • No overtime will be paid for these days/hours.

    • Maximum of 10 hours per pay period.

    • Additional missed hours due to rain are available to make up as approved. 

  • Paid Holidays are: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Year's Day

  • Unpaid holidays are: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day

  • Time off

    • Approved vacation​

      • Any vacation time must be requested, 2 weeks in advance and must be approved.

      • Not all requested vacation time will be approved depending on work-load, time of year, and other vacation requests.

    • Excused absence

      • Not paid.​

      • Employee must request through supervisor within 30minutes of scheduled shift. Supervisor approves request.

      • Excessive excused absences will affect your future increases, promotions, and positions in the company.

    • Sick Time​

      • Employee must call supervisor at least 10 minutes before the scheduled work time to notify them that he/she is sick.

      • No sick time will be approved retroactively.

    • Unexcused absence​​

      • Not paid

      • Employee must request time off through supervisor within 30minutes of scheduled shift. Supervisor denies request.

      • ​Excessive unexcused absences will affect your future increases, promotions, and positions in the company.

    • No call/No show​

      • If employee does not notify supervisor within 10 minutes of shift, it will be considered a no-call/no-show.

      • After (3) occurrences of no-call/no-show, employee will be terminated.​

    • Arriving Late​

      • ​Excessive tardiness  will affect your future increases, promotions, and positions in the company.

      • If an employee is 30 minutes later, causing coworkers to wait, a deduction of $100 will be assessed due to the cost of unproductive crew time. Communication of unusual circumstances is key to avoiding this assessment.

  • All approved time off will be on the time off calendar. It is up to the employee and their supervisor to verify if their time off is approved and on the calendar. 

  • A doctor’s note is required when 3 or more consecutive sick days are taken

  • Lunch and Breaks

    • Water and resting breaks will be given throughout the day, per the Supervisor's direction.

    • A 30-minute lunch break must be taken in the middle of the scheduled shift for any shift over 8 hours.

    • The entire crew must take lunch at the same time.​​


  • Company raffle is held on the first Thursday of each month for the previous month's contributions. 

  • Raffle will be held at the shop after the scheduled shift.

  • Employee does not need to be present to win.

  • The company contributes a minimum of $100 each raffle, and may include additional prizes.

  • All employees are automatically given one free entry into the company raffle.

  • Employees are given the option to buy additional chances for $5 each, with a max of 4 additional chances, to be deducted from their weekly pay check.

  • Changes to the raffle contributions can only be changed on the first Thursday of the month during the current raffle 

  • New employees are eligible to participate in the second raffle after their hire date.



  • Employees must wear clean, presentable uniform shirt during the entire shift

  • If an employee is not wearing a uniform in the morning, they will be sent home, and it will be marked as an unexcused absence.

  • Employees can request additional uniform shirts and hats through their supervisor.



  • Work orders are the way that we communicate to each other internally. We are a team and are happy to have an our crews working together to ensure our customers are happy. Work orders are not negative - they are helpful

  • Please use them as your personal notepad/to-do list or to report any issues or requests.​

  • Supervisors, foreman, spray techs, and irrigation techs are responsible for reviewing and preparing for all of their work orders every day. Along with periodically checking work orders throughout the day.


  • All service reports must be filled out  before leaving the property.​​


  • Equipment will be washed and maintained by the crew according to the company wash schedule. 

  • Power wash all equipment and clean out vehicles.

  • Regular wear-and-tear of equipment will be maintained and covered by LandTech.

  • Every piece of equipment, tools, and other miscellaneous items provided to the employees will be inventoried monthly by shop manager and supervisor.

  • Any items that are missing, lost, stolen, or damaged will be brought to the attention of the responsible parties and discussions will be had on accountability. 

  • Employees should immediately report any missing, damaged, or stolen equipment to their supervisor.

  • Lost/Stolen/Damaged Equipment Guidelines:

    • Accidental:

      • Equipment loss or damage by accident (not negligence or irresponsibility) will be covered by LandTech.

    • Negligence/Irresponsibility:

      • Equipment loss or damage due to negligence/irresponsibility will be compensated by the individual or crew after review of incident.



  • Participating in any of the following at any time or location (including shop​, in the trucks, on property, at the dump, at lunch, at gas stations, stores, etc) during your scheduled shift, and/or while wearing a LandTech uniform:​

    • Possession of firearms, weapons, drugs, alcohol 

    • Fighting

    • Bullying

    • Illegal activity of any sort

    • Stealing

    • Indecent exposure

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