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Fresh New Year

Hibiscus, January Cutbacks
New Year - New Projects,
Tree Trimming, Scorpions

Eggs in a Basket_edited.jpg

Transitioning to Summer

Little Johns, Spring Blooms,

Irrigation Tune-Up,

Spring Grass Transition


Trim-dependence Day

Monsoon Preparation, Firecracker Plants, Palo Verde Beetle, Southwest Soil

Swooping Bat _edited.jpg

Sewing in the Rye

Lantana Spotlight,
Ash Tree Decline,
Overseeding, Tree Topping

Heart Confetti

Landscape Love

Emu Valentine, Frost
Damage, Seasonal

Dahlia Flower

Summer Blooming

Ocotillo, Palo Verde Flowers 

Summer Flowers,

Spring Grass Transition

Beach Ball in Pool

Summer is Almost Over

Spotlight on the Spoon, Grass Season, Non-Native Plants, Dollar Spot Fungus

Wild Turkey

Thankful for Fall

Plumbago, Fall Leaves,
Cutbacks, Deciduous/Evergreen
Dormant Bermuda/Winter Rye


March-ing Into Spring

Gopher Plant,
Spring Blooms, Ready to Grow
Clover, Nitrogen

Palm Trees

Trim & Skin

Indian Hawthorn, Yucca Stalks
Irrigation Parts,
Palm Tree Trimming

Autumn Leaves_edited.jpg

Fall-ing Dormant

Oleander Spotlight, Herbicides, Tree Stakes, Fall Blooms, 
Smart Irrigation, Going Dormant

Christmas Pine Tree

Desert Winters

Bougainvillea, Desert Spoon, Overwatering, Winter Weed Control, Willow Acacia

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