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Ensuring the safety and longevity of your assets through 
proper pruning, nutrition, and preventative treatments

Trees are valuable assets to every property and should be professionally maintained with a proactive management platform. If not properly cared for, these assets quickly become expensive and hazardous liabilities. 


Skilled tree trimming should be done with a purpose to support natural growth and development. LandTech’s tree programs are based on a professional understanding of the size, shape, and biology of each tree species and how best to combat issues with poor design, hazardous situations, and reasonable maintenance.

002 Structure of a tree.jpg
  • Remove diseased, dead, and damaged branches 

  • Perform thinning, reduce size, weight, liability 

  • Improve stability, structure and sustainability 

  • Aesthetic appeal, ground clearance, visibility 

  • Sustain natural shape and landscape design 

  • Allow light to filter through to interior branches     

  • Avoid breakage/unforeseen emergency corrections 

  • Competing limbs, crossed or rubbing branches


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No matter what type of palms you may have, June is a great time to trim and skin them. For species such as date palms and other fruit bearing palms, summer months, when they are flowering and fruiting, is when the debris is at its heaviest. Trimming fruit-heavy fronds as well as any dry, dead fronds will eliminate the risk of this debris falling and causing injury or property damage. Removing expired fronds will also reduce the presence of pests such as rodents and scorpions making their homes in the shelter these dead limbs provide. Skinning can help with pest problems as well, in addition to giving your palms a manicured, resort look.

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Olive trees are a beautiful asset to any landscape. These trees are quite popular in Arizona as they adapt well to our dry climate and soil. However, one drawback to the Olive tree is the olive itself! The olives that are produced will drop to the ground, causing messy debris and staining concrete. In order to minimize the mess, seasonal olive tree spraying is performed every spring. For the most effective treatment, the ideal time to spray is after the tree has flowered, but before it has produced the fruit/olives, usually in March.

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